08th November 2007 

1st Album


(MABR008/DESCO008) 1,890tax in) 

Singularity Science Fiction Explanation 

Singularity Science Fiction info 


Yusuke Hama of LEYODE (Eastern Developments Music)

"TSAN weaves together bizarre noises, catchy synth lines, and infectious rhythms with his beautiful production to create ALIEN DANCE MUSIC in 2007.Singularity Science Fiction is a fantastic collage of cosmic sounds andradio frequencies from outer-space."


01.Imitation Childhood (Introduction)
02.Digitalized intellectual property
03.Untroubled existence

04.Automatic Harmony

05.Until pulling the drapes 

06.Feelings control function
07.Second Life (Interlude)
08.Multiple-Choice Questions

09.Selection with Number 

10.Shining Chinese medicine

11.Night and pilgrimage in summer 

12.Dusk in the city 

13.Poor Working Conditions 

14.Low Creatures and Aliens

15.A message (Interlude) 

16.Rotten spirit,rotten body 

17.Ability Sorting 

18.Sharpened light
19.The fourth generation 

20.Theory of Evolution

21.PIG (Interlude) 

22.Late-Night Animals 

23.Castle of Deception

24.Erosion and Reclamation 

25.Time to Accelerate and Self-Knowledge